Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Meetings (Streaming)
Streaming Video

Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Meetings (Streaming)

18 Minutes Level: Intermediate

Turn ineffective meetings into highly productive sessions! Streaming course version.

Target Audience: Managers / Supervisors
Language: English



  • Video

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of fearless facilitators.
  • Understand the knowledge and skills of fearless facilitators.


Fearless Facilitators expertly foster participation and make any group session more productive. Should be mandatory for anyone involved in leading meetings.


Industry Setting

  • Office & General

Compatibility Notes

  • Supports iPhone & iPad App: TrainingFlow™ App on iOS devices
  • Supports Android App: TrainingFlow™ app on Android devices
  • Supports Current Browsers: Chrome 60+, Firefox 60+, Safari 12+, Edge 16+

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