The Courage to Coach™ A Common Sense Approach (Streaming)
Streaming Video

The Courage to Coach™ A Common Sense Approach (Streaming)

30 - 45 minutes Level: Foundational

Equip new and developing managers with must-have coaching skills. Streaming course version.

Target Audience: Employees
Language: English



  • Video
  • Post-Assessment

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the four-step Courage to Coach™ model to coach for improved performance.
  • Identify the personal and organizational benefits of effective coaching.
  • Identify key coaching opportunities in the workplace.


Courage 2 Coach™ outlines a specific four-step process for coaching that will work in any employee performance situation.

Industry Settings

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Office & General
  • Retail

Compatibility Notes

  • Supports iPhone & iPad App: TrainingFlow™ App on iOS devices
  • Supports Android App: TrainingFlow™ app on Android devices
  • Supports Current Browsers: Chrome 60+, Firefox 60+, Safari 12+, Edge 16+

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