Got Respect?™ Gossip in the Workplace

Not every conversation in the workplace can be about the work. As humans, we want to get to know each other. The thing is, if the topic of conversation is about someone else, there’s a good chance it could lead to gossip. In this eLearning module you’ll explore the effect of gossip in the workplace.

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Interactive eLearning

Language: English

Topic: Respect

Industry Setting: Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail

Other Topics: Communication, Professionalism, Inclusion

Target Audience: General

Course Level: Foundational

Diversity Profile: Caucasian females, 30s; Caucasian males, 20-30 and middle age; African America male , 30s; Latina female, 30s

Seat Time: 15 Minutes

Rating: Not rated yet


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