It's Not Just About Sex Anymore™: Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace
Classic Course

It's Not Just About Sex Anymore™: Harassment & Discrimination in the Workplace

35 minutes Level: Foundational Rating

This course is designed to help you understand the wide range of harassment and discrimination situations and your responsibilities in contributing toward a workplace free of divisive, unlawful behaviors.

Target Audience: General
Language: English



  • Audio Narration
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Inline Quizzes
  • Video
  • Post-Assessment

Learning Objectives

  • Define key terms associated with harassment and discrimination.
  • Identify a wide range of behaviors that may constitute discrimination or harassment.
  • Explain the importance of maintaining an environment free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Follow the appropriate steps to avoid or report potential discrimination or harassment situations.


It’s Not Just About Sex Anymore illustrates situations that may leave your organization open to a lawsuit.

Harassment can take many forms, all of them creating serious consequences. This course uses dramatic video to show the variety of behaviors that constitute illegal harassment and discrimination.

Employees learn how inappropriate conduct impacts personal and organizational performance and what each individual's role is in maintaining a harassment-free workplace. Bring greater awareness to the many types of harassment which can occur in the workplace; use with employees organization-wide for annual training or new employee orientation.

Industry Settings

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Office & General
  • Retail

Compatibility Notes

  • Supports iPhone & iPad App: TrainingFlow™ App on iOS devices
  • Supports Android App: TrainingFlow™ app on Android devices
  • Supports Current Browsers: Chrome 60+, Firefox 60+, Safari 12+, Edge 16+

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