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We Need to M.E.E.T.™ Managing for Respect in the Workplace

30 - 45 minutes Level: Intermediate
This training offers tips on how to recognize and respond to negatively charged situations, in regards to diversity in the workplace. It also, provides information on illegal conduct in the workplace and how managers and supervisors should handle those types of negative situations.
Topics: Diversity Dynamics, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism, Inclusion & Equity, Respect
Industry Settings: Office & General, Retail
Target Audience: Managers / Supervisors

Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Meetings

35 Minutes Level: Intermediate
Turn ineffective meetings into highly productive sessions! Fearless Facilitators expertly foster participation and make any group session more productive.
Topics: Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism
Industry Settings: Office & General
Target Audience: Managers / Supervisors

TrainingBytes® Managing Your Own Productivity

30 minutes Level: Foundational
This course will empower your employees to create effective plans, involve others, ask for help and prioritize their many competing tasks in order to deliver the results your organization needs to be successful.
Topics: Professionalism, Change, Interpersonal Skills, Time Management
Industry Settings: Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail
Target Audience: General

L.E.A.D. with Integrity™: Promoting a Culture of Ethical Conduct and Compliance

40 minutes Level: Intermediate
This course helps managers and supervisors step up to the daily task of promoting ethical conduct and ensuring compliance. Use to help leaders fully understand their responsibility in creating an ethical culture. Pairs with A.C.T. with Integrity (for all employees).
Topics: Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Management, Professionalism
Industry Settings: Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General
Target Audience: General

The Extraordinary Leader™: Going from Good to Great

30 - 45 minutes Level: Intermediate
You will learn not only how to improve leadership skills, but how to use these strong leadership skills to increase productivity so that you can consistently produce extraordinary results in your work.
Topics: Leadership, Change, Communication, Motivation, Interpersonal Skills
Industry Settings: Healthcare, Office & General, Retail
Target Audience: Employees